The December 2016 issue of Samara, the international newsletter of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership, was dedicated to alpine plant conservation and research from across the partnership. The Alpine Seed Conservation and Research Network had the lead article (pages 1-2), and the individual research projects that form part of the project were also reported (pages 16-17). Click on the link below to find out more.

Samara 30

Müller, J.V., Berg, C., Détraz-Méroz, J. et al (2017) The Alpine Seed Conservation and Research Network – a new initiative to conserve valuable plant species in the European Alps. J. Mt. Sci. 14: 806-810, doi:10.1007/s11629-016-4313-8.


Safeguarding plants as seeds in ex situ collections is a cost effective element in an integrated plant conservation approach. The European Alps are a regional centre of plant diversity. Six institutions have established a regional network covering the European Alps which will conserve at least 500 priority plant species and which will improve the conservation status of plant species in grassland communities in the subalpine, alpine and nival altitudinal belts. Targeted research will expand the knowledge of the ecology of target species. Public engagement activities will raise the awareness for the importance of specific conservation actions in the European Alps.